The New Uncool-Dear Parents Don’t Push Kids To Become Engineers

Gone are the days when you could boast off your kid becoming an engineer. There is nothing cool about becoming an engineer in India anymore. Doing an engineering course doesn’t necessarily ensure a successful career in our country these days.

And yet, parents are obsessed with their kids becoming an engineer. They push their kids to join engineering colleges not knowing that most of these colleges cannot produce what is actually needed in the industry. Outdated curricula, lack of proper infrastructure and low-quality education has created lakhs of engineers, who, according to many reports are unemployable. This, coupled with the advent of automation and other technologies in businesses, has resulted in a decreased demand for Indian engineers both here and abroad.

According to McKinsey report which was published a few years ago, only a quarter of engineers in India is employable. More recent studies say that it is even less than 20%. Another survey by employability assessment firm Aspiring Minds says that 95% of Indian engineers do not know coding.

Every year around eight lakh engineers graduate from engineering colleges across the country. According to AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), 60% of them remain unemployed. Many engineers end up joining jobs which are not related to engineering. Even engineering professionals are not well-paid.

Yet, students are pushed into engineering. There is no denying the fact that there is still a huge demand for engineers graduating from the topmost institutes in the country, like the IITs, IISC, and BITS. But they form a small percentage of the eight lakh engineers graduating every year. The employability of the rest of the engineers, in most of the cases, is questionable. A successful career is not guaranteed for them.

In order to ensure a successful career in engineering, one needs to graduate from one of the topmost institutes in the country. Getting into these institutes itself is very difficult. It needs one to crack highly competitive entrance examinations, and for that one needs to prepare well. Unfortunately, most of the coaching centers are profit-driven, and so, they cannot provide quality education and equal attention to everyone.

Fortunately, online platforms are filling up this gap. Neet Results 2017 provides free , and Jee mock test series for engineering entrance examinations like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, and BITSAT. They also provide personalized feedback, pinpoints key areas where a student is lagging behind and offers suggestions to improve. They look after the overall development of the students which helps them to score higher.