Forever in Bloom and Pollen Free

I don’t need a calendar to tell me it’s spring.  My runny, itchy eyes announce it with more precision that that groundhog predicts the end of winter.  I live in an area dominated by trees that produce so much pollen it billows like smoke into the air when the wind blows it out of the trees.  It coats my car so heavily I can write my name in it.  My little Tinker loves to go for walks and romp in the dog park, but I find myself dreading the chore in pollen season.  I’m also sensitive to flowers, and that’s a shame because there’s nothing I love more than a big bouquet of fresh cut flowers in a beautiful vase on the table, mantle or arranged in a wreath on the front door.   I can’t compete with Mother Nature and her pollen storms.   But I did find a source of beautiful flowers for decorating my home.

I visited a good friend who told me all about the Groupon she used to purchase a beautiful, floral arrangement from Balsam Hill.  I’d never heard of the company before, and wanted to know more about them and the products they make.  I wanted to know the source of flowers that were so real I was hesitant to enter the room when I saw them.  She explained that in addition to faux florals Balsam Hill is known for their patented artificial Christmas trees.  Balsam Hill has patented technology and offers a 10-year warranty on their products.

At home, I shopped their online catalogue.  Then I did as she suggested and used a Groupon to get a great deal on a beautiful bouquet of flowers and other arrangements for my office.  I love the home décor they offer such as candles, table toppers and containers but I was really blown away by the Christmas trees.  They are so popular, durable and realistic they are used on television shows and specials.  I noticed that Groupon had lots of promo codes and special deals for Balsam Hills so I took advantage of some of them and placed and order that qualified for free shipping.

I can’t avoid the pollen filled skies of my city, but I can enjoy flowers in my home thanks to Groupon and Balsam Hill.